The creative forces of Arianne Schreiber (XLover, Crookers, Icon, Looseheadz) and Darc Marc (Stay Up Forever, Def By Disco) have joined to form Smash The Box.

Sexy Unhinged Techno Punk Porno Pop that will keep your feet stomping while you listen to the sound of the future.

NEW SINGLE Addicted available soon on TFU records. With remixes from Darc Marc, Mickey Nox & Dean Del.

TFU Records Smash The Box Addicted single

Check out our new interview on Nerdy Frames.

Smash the Box Nerdy Frames interview

Watch the video for Toy Girl. EP and remixes due out later this year.

See Arrianne's mixtape selection on the Warmer Climes blogWarmer Climes blog

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